Our Information Security Awareness Training is designed to help businesses and organizations educate employees to reduce risk and protect company resources and information.


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Government & Education Training

All new and updated lessons as of July 2017 - Request a quote for full demo access to all lessons

For all government agencies and educational institutions of all sizes we provide discounted pricing of all of all CFISA training.

For all businesses and organizations of all sizes, we strive to provide a reasonably priced version of the 15 lesson course that will always provide an excellent value for our customers. We have several great options to cover the needs of virtually every type of business and every budget.

LMS Hosted by Customer:  For businesses of all sizes, we offer a branded version of the course lessons that can be hosted in your leaning management system (LMS). With this option, you can control the lessons and how you want them deployed to your employees.

LMS Hosted by CFISA:  We have several flexible course options including a branded course hosted by CFISA on our site. Our team would work with you to help ensure the awareness training program matches with your corporate identity and tracks employee participation in the course.

Our team of security and training experts will work with you to insure you have the quality training you need at a price to fit your budget.

Options include:

  • Option #1: Company Hosted Learning Management System – LMS SCORM compliant course capable of being imported into existing company onsite LMS with branded and customized options.
  • Option #2: CFISA Hosted Learning Management System – LMS SCORM compliant course hosted on the CFISA website. Options include; your company web URL address, branding, colors, quizzing and reporting.
  • Option #3: Customized Course Options - Let us customize your course to fit the needs of your company or organization.

Our PCI-DSS training course will help your organization comply with the Annual Payment Card Industry - PCI Security Awareness Training Requirement -  The PCI-Data Security Standards policy requires the implementation of an employee security awareness training program upon hire and annually.

Our Security Awareness Employee Training includes:

  •  Why security awareness is important to employees, vendors and contractors.
  • Importance of employees’ treatment of sensitive data as they would want their own personal data to be handled.
  • Overview and explanation of key compliance principals.
  • Easy to understand explanations of the reasons behind the policies and procedures, increasing employee “buy-in”.  
  • Important policies and procedures related to employee handling of credit card information.
  • The need to use strong passwords and not share them with others.
  • Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home.
  • A good understanding of social engineering and how related techniques are used to manipulate employees, leading to intellectual property theft, data security breaches, litigation and other serious problems.
  • Dynamic, interactive and interesting content delivery in modular form that allows meaningful learning to occur, just a few minutes at a time.

It is time to “get ahead of the curve” and provide valuable security awareness training for your employees.

Don’t wait until there is a problem and you are facing an audit. It is time to implement this important training to help protect your business and organization.

We will be happy to provide options on our flexible course branding and customization plans, as well as our options for training courses that go beyond employee security awareness.

"This training will help me to protect my family at home, and I like that!"

- State Government Employee

"The online training was straightforward and easy to understand."

-Financial Services Employee

"I felt very engaged in the training. The information was relevant and interesting."

- Tony, Los Angeles

"The online training was pleasantly straightforward and easy to comprehend."

- Steve, Miami

"I really enjoyed the fact that this training covered both business and personal practices."

- Mary, Boston

"Now that I understand why we have these rules, I will be more likely to follow them.”

- Credit Union Employee

“The training was actually quite interesting, informative and worthwhile."

- University Services Employee

“After taking the training, I have a much better understanding of why these rules are so important.”

- Internet Sales Employee

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