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FAQs on Security Awareness Training

1. Why do my employees need security awareness training?

Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the world. Every day businesses are being attacked. Your employees are your first line of defense against these crimes. Ongoing security awareness training helps to reduce the risk and reminds your employees of security best practices. Security awareness training is needed to insure your employees understand the policies and procedures of your organization. If you process credit cards under the PCI-DSS rules you should train your employees upon hire and annually. Pricing of the training will depend on the number of employees and the method that the course is delivered. Please use the contact us form and we will be happy to answer any questions and provide pricing options.

2. We already have a Learning Management System in place at our business. Are you compatible with that?

All CFISA courses and lessons are SCORM compliant and can be imported into your in-house or vendor learning management system. CFISA also has its own LMS on our cloud servers that that can host the training. In our LMS we provide you access to the employee status reports and additional customization as needed.

3. I’ve previously registered for the free lessons. Are they still available and do I have to register again?

We now offer three online security awareness certificate training options for individuals and small businesses. There is a fee for all of our courses. In most cases, you will need to purchase the course and reset your password to take any of our new online courses.
Previous customers to the free online lessons will need to purchase the course to have access to all lessons. If your business or organization has purchased the use of the course for you, nothing has changed as long as your existing license is still active.

4. How many employees can we train in your system? What happens if we grow and need to add employees?

The CFISA training system can handle as many employees as you want in the training LMS. We can add and remove your employees as needed. Our team will work with you to insure that the training fits your needs and provides the training to all of your employees.

5. Which browsers do you support?

Our training can be viewed in Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Chrome and Firefox. We can be viewed on Apple IOS devices including IPad and IPhone. You can also view the training in your handheld device that supports HTML5.
Once you or your company have purchased the course and you have registered, you can use the password reset tool as needed. The password reset tool is located on the log in page.

6. How fast can you deliver the training to my company?

We can get the training up and running very quickly. We will work with you to exceed your expectations on the delivery of the training.

7. I want to pay for the individual training online course but can’t decide which course to take?

We have three course options for our individual and small business training. You can view which lessons are included in each of the courses under the “Courses” section of the website. All online courses provide a certificate.
Our CFISA Security Awareness course and PCI Course have four quiz questions at the end of each lesson.
The InfragardAwareness course has a 100 question exam.  

"I felt very engaged in the training. The information was relevant and interesting."

- Tony, Los Angeles

"Now that I understand why we have these rules, I will be more likely to follow them.”

- Credit Union Employee

“After taking the training, I have a much better understanding of why these rules are so important.”

- Internet Sales Employee

"This training will help me to protect my family at home, and I like that!"

- State Government Employee

"The online training was straightforward and easy to understand."

-Financial Services Employee

"I really enjoyed the fact that this training covered both business and personal practices."

- Mary, Boston

“The training was actually quite interesting, informative and worthwhile."

- University Services Employee

"The online training was pleasantly straightforward and easy to comprehend."

- Steve, Miami

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