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Our team of security training experts will work with you to provide the security awareness training services you need at a price to fit your budget


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Security Awareness Training Made Simple

Starting a security awareness training program can seem like a big project and you are probably wondering where to start. Our team of security awareness training experts is available to assist you to start the project and will work with you or your team along the way. We have worked with businesses and organizations of all sizes since 2007. We are happy to assist with implementing a security awareness training project that helps to reduce risk and fits the culture of your business.

Security AwarenessThings you should know.

HIPAA Training

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law, enacted in 1996. This act was an attempt at healthcare reform. The original act...

What is PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If your company accepts credit card payments, this concerns you. If your company stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data –...

Information Security Awareness Training

Being aware of security risks is the first step in protecting your organization from cyber-crime, as well as protecting the confidential data of your employees, clients, and business partners. Our...

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training is more important now than it has ever been. Data breaches and hacking may sound unlikely, but cyber-attacks occur daily. In many cases, businesses are unprepared, because...

Training Principles

"Changing Employee Behavior From The Unpredictable To The Secure!"The CFISA course is a unique approach to security awareness training, blending security best practices and customer-specific security policies with behavioral psychology...

On Site Security Awareness Training from…

Our in-person security awareness training provides an excellent way to directly connect with your employees. The CFISA presentation will help to add credibility to your security awareness training program though...

CFISA Training

The CFISA lessons are a unique approach to security awareness training, blending security best practices and customer-specific security policies with behavioral psychology, compelling storytelling, and rich interactive media.

Lessons provide:

  • Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home.
  • “Real life” explanations of the reasons behind security best practices, increasing employee participation.
  • Easy to understand explanations of the reasons behind the policies and procedures; increasing employee “buy-in”
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"Now that I understand why we have these rules, I will be more likely to follow them.”

- Credit Union Employee

"The online training was pleasantly straightforward and easy to comprehend."

- Steve, Miami

"I really enjoyed the fact that this training covered both business and personal practices."

- Mary, Boston

“The training was actually quite interesting, informative and worthwhile."

- University Services Employee

"This training will help me to protect my family at home, and I like that!"

- State Government Employee

"I felt very engaged in the training. The information was relevant and interesting."

- Tony, Los Angeles

“After taking the training, I have a much better understanding of why these rules are so important.”

- Internet Sales Employee

"The online training was straightforward and easy to understand."

-Financial Services Employee

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