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Information Security Awareness Training

Being aware of security risks is the first step in protecting your organization from cyber-crime, as well as protecting the confidential data of your employees, clients, and business partners. Our information security awareness training engages your staff and makes them invested in maintaining and improving the security of your organization.

Companies can take steps to protect the data that is on their servers and moving over their networks, but it is up to every individual to maintain the integrity of security.

Information Security Awareness Course Contents

After an overview of the course contents, employees will learn more about cybercrime and identity fraud, how individual behavior and password choices affect security, the social engineering employed by criminals, and best practices for email.

Many employees are unaware of risks to security and how their behavior can increase or minimize those risks. With our information security awareness training, your employees will be acutely aware of their role in maintaining the security of the organization, from how they use their workspaces to how they conduct themselves when using the web.

The fact is, that hackers are not just reserved for the movies. They exist, and some are seeking opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities in your company’s defenses. Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that they are too small to be targeted by hackers, ransomware, and other malware. Unfortunately, they are incorrect. Small businesses are often a target because they have little or no security in place. Hackers target small businesses because they are less likely to be prepared.

They are also a gateway for hackers to reach the business’s larger, more valuable business partners via the information stored on company networks.

Other data breaches occur when attackers are more opportunistic. An unattended workstation logged into a database, a stray file, or a sensitive email sent to an unauthorized user, all signify vulnerabilities. By training your staff in information security awareness, you can minimize all such incidents.

With the groundwork laid, our course goes on to educate your employees regarding protecting themselves against malicious attacks, nuisances, and what vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. The training will also cover viruses, spyware, and spam. Your employees may have heard of all of these terms, but we find that people are often confused about what the terms really mean and the nature of the threat they pose.

Our information security awareness training will not only make your employees more likely to spot potential security risks, but they will be more engaged with the concepts of cyber-attacks and information security. Our training lessons provide real life examples of the unusual activity to look for.  Once employees know what to look for, they will be more likely to respond correctly.  After completing information awareness course, employees will use the training they received, and inform relevant individuals if they spot anything suspicious during their workday.

It is important to explain to your staff that they should avoid opening spam emails and clicking on unknown links or attachments, but this relatively simple information can remain just that unless the message is reinforced by training, practical experience, and quizzes. Our various information awareness training solutions aim to engage your employees and ensure that they are properly educated about information security.

In-Person Training

Our team of security experts can be on hand to provide you with in-person training at your location. This kind of training is extremely valuable for when you really want to demonstrate to your team that this is more than a routine training exercise.

There’s nothing like being face-to-face with a security expert to put your own information security affairs into perspective. In our experience, it is also particularly effective when a company’s leadership team takes part in presentations. Active participation by the business leaders demonstrates very clearly to staff that information security awareness training is something that everyone needs to take seriously, in every department, and at every level.

Our training can be tailored to match your business’s corporate culture. Whether you are looking for training in an atmosphere that is relaxed or formal, a large group or a small, close team, we have the experience and resources to deliver the most effective experience for your staff.

InfragardAwareness Certification

Our information awareness training will help your business or organization to reduce the risk of data breaches or data loss, whether through negligence or deliberate attack. Our training is aimed at educating your employees, who will form the front line in defending the organization’s resources and information.

This course includes 14 lessons. How can you be sure that your employees have taken the messages on board? They will take a 100-question certification exam that will test and solidify their knowledge. At the end of the course, a certificate is available to show that the participant has attained a working knowledge of information security awareness. A pass mark of 70% is required and individuals can repeat the test as often as necessary to achieve that passing grade.

Hosted Training

Alternatively, you may prefer to take advantage of our hosted training. This too can be customized. In this case, your branding can be incorporated with the training to demonstrate to your employees that information awareness security is more than an exercise. With branded training, employees are left with no doubt that the firm takes information security seriously.

Hosted training allows business leaders to track the progress of its employees. This can be useful for identifying areas in which your staff is competent and areas that require more work to protect your resources and information.

Whatever your needs, CFISA has a solution to match.

Information security begins with awareness, and organizations require the vigilance of every member of staff. To provide information security awareness training to your workforce most effectively, we are flexible. Whether you wish to focus on key areas or provide an overview, we can deliver the learning experience that you need.

After taking part in our training, participants have reported being more engaged with information security. See the results for yourself. Get in touch at (561) 325-6050. Our expert security team is looking forward to talking with you and discussing how we can help you meet your goals of protecting your company, by improving your information security awareness throughout the organization.

You can also connect with us by using our online form, in which case you can request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an individual quote for training tailored to your specific needs.

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"The online training was pleasantly straightforward and easy to comprehend."

- Steve, Miami

"Now that I understand why we have these rules, I will be more likely to follow them.”

- Credit Union Employee

"I really enjoyed the fact that this training covered both business and personal practices."

- Mary, Boston

“After taking the training, I have a much better understanding of why these rules are so important.”

- Internet Sales Employee

"The online training was straightforward and easy to understand."

-Financial Services Employee

“The training was actually quite interesting, informative and worthwhile."

- University Services Employee

"I felt very engaged in the training. The information was relevant and interesting."

- Tony, Los Angeles

"This training will help me to protect my family at home, and I like that!"

- State Government Employee

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